Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursdays on ITS ME –GOD—Elizabeth Johanna

Thursdays on ITS ME –GOD—Elizabeth Johanna—BETH ANA— a person with many names from the beginning of life.  Elizabeth Johanna Marie Theresa – Hannajo, Juanita at one time, Mom, ooh can’t forget Betty Jo—Lord, too many names and too many roles, too many experiences and to make it worse one very loud extrovert.  Smallest of eight, my mouth has got me into more trouble and made my troubles and flaws known too.
God just what do you do with someone like this:  human, weak, overzealous, rebellious, angry from the hurts of life—God just what do You do with someone so messed up?
“I will use you—you will do just fine. In fact I have gone to great extremes to beget you and each of those like you who read this—You are very special because of the WHO– who you are my precious beloved one of a kind child. I will use you—you will do just fine.”
“Is that You speaking Lord? You betcha it is—for that is exactly what a God does to make each one a very unique wondrous gift to the world. He gave us life, and then He allows us to live that life and learn— from painful sometimes, sometimes happy, happy—but mostly the hard way—that daily struggle to go from one moment to another and keep out heart and life together.  In His Hands, under His Wings, we make it—BUT it helps if we know His voice, and learn from Him the best way to take each day given and LIVE!!!
Elizabeth ThomasIt is our hope that “It’s Me—God” will allow you to mature in wisdom, and grace and learn how God wants to walk and talk with you in your daily life.  There is a GOD and I am living proof of that and so are you.  Don’t believe that bunk–listen the show, call in your thoughts, or email them, ( and you will understand how I can speak this truth.  There is a GOD, He does talk to you, and He wants to answer all your questions and clear up the doubts and confusion.  He also wants to give you that special message or WORD that you need to help you find peace again in life. So call ___________ during the show, or email and together we will unwind all that has bound you up and kept you ensnared in that limited life you live, feeling empty and wasted.
This ME that I am is a nurse, wife of 42 years, mom of eight, grandmother of 24, great-grandmother of 8 or is it 9?  This life with all that I experienced has blessed me with all my heart has longed for–a very close walking and talking journey with my Lord.  The same life has blessed me too with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit that has been needed to gift me with the wisdom that allows the human to be that vessel for God to use—just as I am—a loud crazy fool for God.

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