Monday, September 26, 2016

This week on The Koz Effect on #RadioTitans

In this week's incredible episode, everyone has a moment to shine, from Dr. Dave's awesome news jokes to Tymon's Blacktion News rant, to Erika's Feisty Feminist Forum, Ari's Attack Dog Parenting rant, and Koz's sharply pointed Koz For Concern closing thoughts! Plus we manage to take on Charlotte and the police shooting, Anthony Weiner's and Brad Pitt's very bad weeks, and much more! We're about to have a shot at national TV, so see what all the fuss is about!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Koz Effect podcast are going to be LIVE at the ACME Hollywood Theatre

Seven days from now, you may find yourself wondering, "What the hell did I watch on the TV last night?!?" Well, consider yourself lucky because your pals at The Koz Effect podcast are going to be LIVE at the ACME Hollywood Theatre to try and make some sense of the first Clinton/Trump debate and the other big issues of the day!
Join host Carl Kozlowski and panelists Tymon ShippErika SchickelAri David, Dr. David Robinson, Paul Rodriguez, and Will Durst for a LIVE recording of The Koz Effect and stand-up sets from Durst & Rodriguez (which sounds like a great name for a personal injury law firm... but I digress)!
There's only 99 seats, and you should be in at least one of 'em!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Grown-Ass Men on #RadioTitans

TODAY'S EPISODE OF "GROWN-ASS MEN" FEATURED GUEST STAR JAMES JUDD, NPR SUPERSTAR STAR OF "SNAP JUDGMENT"! With hosts Carl Kozlowski and Ed Galvez and guest host Sina Amedson! This is a really hilarious episode, check it out!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Koz Effect on #RadioTitans

They say laughter is the best medicine, and if the current state of American politics makes you sick, your pals at The Koz Effect podcast have your prescription! Join host Carl Kozlowski, panelists Tymon Shipp, Erika Schickel, Adam Yenser, Dr. David Robinson, Paul Rodriguez, and Will Durst for a special day-after-the debate LIVE show featuring stand-up sets from Paul Rodriguez and Will Durst at the ACME Hollywood Theatre on Tuesday, September 27th... you'll be glad you did!

Kenny Davin Fine on #RadioTitans

Curious about where the whole gluten-free craze came from? 
Wanna hear great country music? 
Or just wanna hear a fascinating interview with one of the most unique Americans in pop culture today? 
Then tune in to this interview with Kenny Davin Fine, a medical academic doctor who discovered and popularized how to eat gluten-free AND has ten country albums out, including his latest on Sony!
You gotta hear this!

Grown-Ass Men on #RadioTitans

FIRST TIME EVER! - "GROWN-ASS MEN" GOES LIVE ON VIDEO, STREAMING AT WWW.ZINNA.TV! Hosts Carl Kozlowski, Christina Myers Hepburn and Ed Galvez are joined by special guest national headlining comic and juggler/trickster extraoardinaire, RON PEARSON! 
Available for viewing later too at and on!

It's Me-God on #RadioTitans

The latest episode of "It's Me-God" takes a powerful look at the spiritual aspects of 9/11 and tragedies. Tune in. :)