Monday, October 24, 2016

The Futurenauts on #RadioTitans

Tune in to Radio Titans' ace team of sonic comedy geniuses, #JakeFriday and #KevinCorcoran - aka The Futurenauts - and hear their latest show here! Find their other hilarious episodes on their show page at

Grown-Ass Men on #RadioTitans

With the election just over two weeks away, everyone's sick of hearing about Trump and Hillary. So how about hearing about some other far more fascinating, fringier candidates for president?
Tune in right here for the latest episode of "Grown-Ass Men," featuring our guest, author #CraigTomashoff of "The Can't-Idates" about 14 of the fringiest people running for president this season! Hosts #CarlKozlowski, #ChristinaMyersHepburn and #EdGalvez had a blast looking at the election in a whole new way, after an opening segment that was one of our most outrageous and NSFW segments ever (about new scientific injections for testicles and the impending wave of sex robots - don't judge, Koz found these on Drudge! But NSFW you've been warned! Tune in around the 10 minute mark if you're easily offended, and hear a fascinating interview!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Koz Effect on #RadioTitans

This week's episode of the funny political panel podcast features guest conservative Jake Bowman joining Koz, Dr. David Robinson, Voice of Black Reason Tymon Shipp and Wonder Woman Erika Schickel as we discuss the final debate, Trump's own Gettysburg Address, and the latest Wikileaks on Hillary Clinton.

Packed with hilarious rants, including one of five-time Emmy-nominee Will Durst's funniest Bursts of Durst ever, this is one episode you gotta hear!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Campaign on #RadioTitans

Hear lifelong progressive activist Ernie Powell interview movers and shakers from across the world of politics including Barney Frank and Ed Asner on "The Campaign" on �#�radiotitans�

#KennyLoggins on #RadioTitans

Wanna cut "Footloose" today? Then "Meet Me Halfway" and tune in to the latest Kozversation with Kenny Loggins!
WARNING: There is background static due to a bad connection that day but it is audible.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The cast of Koz Effect

The cast of Koz effect - #ErikaSchickel, #TymonShipp, Dr. David Robinson, #WillDurst, #CarlKozlowski, #PaulRodriguez, and #AriDavid - at our live pilot taping at Acme Theatre on Sept 27. Working on sizzle reel now!

Left of Wrong on #RadioTitans

Want comedy from a proudly progressive POV? Then "Left of Wrong" will fill the bill for ya!
Hosts JIM COUGHLIN and RANDY HARKEN - two of LA's most proudly progressive comics - are back after a month off, with special guest comic SCOTT HOLME to have a hilarious discussion about the Big Debate, athletes protesting the National Anthem, and how Nestle chocolate is stealing California's water supply, before taking a hilarious ride on Hershey Highway (well, they talk about it). Seriously funny!