Monday, February 27, 2017

Timothy B. Schmit on #Kozversation on #RadioTitans

Timothy B Schmit was a key figure in one of the biggest rock bands of all time, Eagles. Hear this Kozversation where he discusses his amazing life!

#letsbetreasonable on #Radiotitans

This week's panel of cognitive dissidents #ShirleeSmith, #JoshGreenberg, #RajaMichael, and Dr. David Robinson discuss the obligations of a free press, the constant flow of lies at CPAC, and the frightening truth that shadow president Steve Bannon's guide to leadership is just a rip-off of the plot to 'Major League.'

Friday, February 24, 2017

#BarneStormingPriscillaBarnes with #JohnKosh on #RadioTitans

Please download and listen. #PriscillaBarnes is one of America's best loved actresses thanks to "Three's Company," "The Devil's Rejects" and "Jane the Virgin" among countless others. This week, she plays host to another funny and fascinating conversation - this time with legendary rock album designer #JohnKosh, who shares amazing stories you've NEVER heard about the #Beatles, #Yoko, The Eagles, #LindaRonstadt and many more! Tune in and be amazed!
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to learn more about Priscilla's career in TV and Movies

Harry Connick Jr On #Kozversations for #RadioTitans

#HarryConnickJr. is one of those guys who does it all: sings, plays piano, acts, and hosts - first on "American Idol" and now on his own daytime TV talk show "Harry", which airs nationwide on Fox stations. He took time for this great interview about his career, how his Catholic faith guides him, and his terrific show. It's one of the best #Kozversations I've ever had, so tune in!

It's Me-God on #RadioTitans. New Episode.

Everybody can say truthfully---I HATE THIS or That or Her or Him or YOU. Today---we are seeing more and more the end result of a society who hates and let their discontent take control. Are we ready for what will happen when Hate rules?
#ElizabethThomas and her sidekick #CarlKozlowski explore these questions that affect us all, with this week's special song by Hillsong: "Shine Jesus Shine."

Thursday, February 23, 2017

#FredOlenRay on #BarneStormingPriscillaBarnes

#BarneStorming is streaming now on #RadioTitans. Did you down load the #FredOlenRay interview? Fred has directed nearly 150 movies, ranging from low-budget horror and sci-fi films to softcore T&A to numerous Christmas films across the television dial. It's a unique career arc, but it's nothing compared to the fascinating life he's led and the stories he has to share with Priscilla on this highly entertaining episode. Tune in!
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to learn more about Priscilla's career in TV and Movies

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Left Of Wrong on #RadioTitans

Check out the newest episode of "Left Of Wrong" - featuring regular hosts #JimCoughlin and #RandyHarken as they're joined by fellow funny persons from the left Dr. David Robinson and #ErikaSchickel, as well as five-time Emmy nominated comic #WillDurst, for a fantastic hour of progressively comic fun! If you're freaking out about Trump, you've gotta hear this!