Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#BarneStorming with #PriscillaBarnes starting in December on #RadioTitans

Hello Everybody! Priscilla Barnes will have her own podcast show starting in December on RadioTitans.com. The podcast is called BarneStorming with Priscilla Barnes. If you would like to be part of the fan page, please go to her “Like” page:
and then go to http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0055733/
to learn more about her career in TV and Movies.

The Futurenauts on #RadioTitans

Tune in to Radio Titans' ace team of sonic comedy geniuses, #JakeFriday and #KevinCorcoran - aka The Futurenauts - and hear their latest show here! Find their other hilarious episodes on their show page at RadioTitans.combit.ly/29boNzK

Monday, December 5, 2016

#TheKozEffect on #RadioTitans

Tune in to the latest Koz Effect as Koz, #TymonShipp#ErikaSchickeland Dr. David Robinson team up to bring you funny and thoughtful analysis of the election! 

#Kozversation on #RadioTitans

Tune in to the latest Kozversation for an interview with DJ Matt Wells of True Mother Records and their projects Such Pretty Losers and Jaded Lover. Great tunes, great talk! bit.ly/2fBiVxj

#GrownAssMen on #RadioTitans

Our last "Grown-Ass Men" episode was a hilarious and informative one, as me and cohosts #ChristinaMyersHepburn and #EdGalvezinterviewed veteran comedy writer/actor #JerryMinor, who's worked with EVERYONE including the legendary "Mr. Show" and "SNL". To watch the episode and our other seven great videocasts so far, click here! http://zinna.tv/shows/grown-ass-men/

#ItsMeGod on #RadioTitans

For those who are torn or upset about the election, and those who are concerned about country's divisions whether you were for or against Trump, here is one podcast with some interesting things to say about it. Tune in!

#TheCampaign on #RadioTitans

Hear lifelong progressive activist Ernie Powell interview movers and shakers from across the world of politics including Barney Frank and Ed Asner on "The Campaign" on �#�radiotitans�