Friday, January 27, 2017

#FredOlenRay and #PriscillaBarnes on #BarneStorming. New Podcast on #RadioTitans

Fred Olen Ray has directed nearly 150 movies, ranging from low-budget horror and sci-fi films to softcore T&A to numerous Christmas films across the television dial. It's a unique career arc, but it's nothing compared to the fascinating life he's led and the stories he has to share with Priscilla on this highly entertaining episode. Tune in!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's Be Treasonable on #RadioTitans

LET'S BE TREASONABLE: Our fearless team of LA-based progressive comics, writers and lifetime activists - Jim Coughlin, Dr. David Robinson, Erika Schickel and Ernie Powell - (plus one Very Embarrassed Republican, Carl Kozlowski) team up for their funny and pointed reports from the LA Women's March, their thoughts on the march and on the inauguration, while Erika serves up a Nasty Woman's POV rant and Jim closes us out with his weekly take on life in The Bubble! PLUS five-time Emmy-nominated progressive comedy legend Will Durst with his weekly rant, the Burst of Durst! If you'd rather laugh than cry your way through while raising hell for the next four years, tune in and have a listen!

The Futurenauts on #RadioTitans

Tune in to Radio Titans' ace team of sonic comedy geniuses, #JakeFriday and #KevinCorcoran - aka The Futurenauts - and hear their latest show here! Find their other hilarious episodes on their show page at

Left of Wrong on #RadioTitans

Check out the newest episode of "Left Of Wrong" - featuring regular hosts #JimCoughlin and #RandyHarken as they're joined by fellow funny persons from the left Dr. David Robinson and #ErikaSchickel, as well as five-time Emmy nominated comic #WillDurst, for a fantastic hour of progressively comic fun! If you're freaking out about Trump, you've gotta hear this!

The Campaign on #RadioTitans

Hear lifelong progressive activist Ernie Powell interview movers and shakers from across the world of politics including Barney Frank and Ed Asner on "The Campaign" on �#�radiotitans�

It's Me-God on #RadioTitans

Every Sunday - the perfect time to listen to "It's Me-God'" with Elizabeth Thomas!

Grown-Ass Men on #RadioTitans

Our last "Grown-Ass Men" episode was a hilarious and informative one, as me and cohosts #ChristinaMyersHepburn and #EdGalvez interviewed veteran comedy writer/actor #JerryMinor, who's worked with EVERYONE including the legendary "Mr. Show" and "SNL". To watch the episode and our other seven great videocasts so far, click here!

#Kozversations on #RadioTitans with #AaronTowns

Check out the latest edition of Kozversations with red-hot R&B singer Aaron Towns as he talks about his latest project "The Bamboo Theory"!

The Koz Effect on #RadioTitans

Tune in to the latest Kozversation for an interview with DJ Matt Wells of True Mother Records and their projects Such Pretty Losers and Jaded Lover. Great tunes, great talk!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Let's Be Treasonable on #RadioTitans welcomes "Let's Be Treasonable" to the family:
The folks behind 'Left of Wrong' and 'The Koz Effect' have come together to face the new administration and do what they can to heal the nation, seeing that the government is in no position to do it. Cognitive dissidents #RandyHarken, #ErikaSchickel, #JimCoughlin, Dr. David Robinson, and #WillDurst look back at escaping 2016 alive, "Goldengate," Dandy Don's Snake Oil Roadshow Press Conference, and what's wrong with Big Pharma that can't be fixed by Cory Booker. Look for it on