Thursday, December 26, 2013

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I'm so proud, thankful and excited about this! 
For anyone who knows me, you'll understand that this - is the one thing in life I've been most passionate about ever, and in July when I needed to take a step back from it nothing was more heartbreaking.
But with amazing new partners and friends who have helped me in so many ways to make Radio Titans come back bigger and better than before when we relaunch in January, I am thankful to God and all my friends and truly blessed. 
Please take a moment to check out this campaign and please help us come back super strong. We want to make an impact on the worlds of comedy and politics (we've got an amazing plan to shake up politics positively from every party and end of the spectrum), and we are doing it without mega-corporate backing like some of our competitors have. This is our a
ttempt at the American Dream of doing something fun and positive for the world! Please help at whatever level you can!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Re-Invention of Radio Titans Fundraiser on

Go to this link for more info and to make a donation:

Hi! I'm Carl Kozlowski, the co-founder and current CEO of Radio Titans (, a podcasting site/Web-radio station that was launched in June 2012 after we received great write-ups in the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly for the podcast "Grand Theft Audio." In our first year on the air as Radio Titans, we were also raved about in the Pasadena Star-News as well as the top comedy-news site
But best of all, we were named one of the 50 coolest talk-radio outlets in the country by, the nation's top talk radio news site! As part of their Frontier Fifty list, we were honored alongside superstars Glenn Beck, Marc Maron and Adam Carolla as one of the best places in the country to hear great shows. Check it out here!
Our specialty was in creating hilarious comedic shows laced with insightful interviews of numerous superstars from the worlds of comedy, music, film and books. Everyone from Henry Rollins to Burt Bacharach to the creators of "Reno 911" and dozens of top comics from the hottest late-night and Comedy Central shows came through our doors, creating a treasure trove of some of the coolest interviews to be found anywhere! We also were great at breaking new talent and turning listeners on to the next generation of stars. 
But when our lease came up in July and we learned about our Frontier Fifty status, I decided to take a break and plan how to make things much bigger and better. We're hoping to move into better offices in a more accessible location, set up a video camera system so you can watch our stellar guests as well as listen to them, and improve our promotions and styles of programming (including a wing of political shows that could develop into an exciting force in the 2014 and 2016 elections, plus a wave of new music shows).

Go to this link for more info and to make a donation:

We're also extending our reach by inviting those who dream of having their own show to become stars by recording with us and then using our ace marketing to make it all happen !
We also have an incredible lineup of hosting talent joining us, including comedians Shang (who has 45,000 subscribers and headlines clubs nationwide!), Ruben Paul (a national club headliner and world-tour opener for George Lopez and Russell Peters), and Brian Scolaro (cast member of four network TV sitcoms plus a ton of appearances on shows like "Conan"!) plus one of the world's top comic storytellers, Antonio Sacre, is returning! And we're also excited to feature the return of the fantastically innovative Orson Welles/"War of the Worlds" type show about the zombie apocalypse, "The Zombie Radio Show."
We will be offering a wide variety of political programming as well, from both conservative and liberal outlets. This will serve as a new platform for those looking to express their political views, but also to give candidates nationwide a way to promote themselves and discuss what they are going to accomplish.
And we'll be bringing the party back to party politics, as we launch bold new programming that will reinvent the election campaigns of 2014 and beyond!
Some of the great people who will have programs on Radio Titans..
Shang has cemented his position as one  of the brightest funnymen in the business & his political and explosive humor has been showcased on HBO’s Aspen Comedy Festival Special “Best of the Fest”. Other appearances include “Politically Incorrect,”& the BBC’s Funny Business,Mun2’s Loco Comedy Jam, NBC’S Comedy Showcase, MTV’s Choose or Lose,  National Lampoon’s New Faces, Comedy Central’s Jamie Foxx-presents “Laffapalooza”& was a Co-Host on Russell Simmon’s “One World Music Beat. He will bring his 45,000 weekly subscribers and massive Twitter following to the station.
Go to this link for more info and to make a donation:

Ruben Paul-

Ruben’s upbringing was the foundation for his universal appeal. His undeniable charisma, and spontaneity make him a crowd favorite every where he goes. Ruben’s talents as a writer and performer have garnered him many honors including being chosen as one of the “Best of the fest Comics” at HBO’s prestigious U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. Stand up television appearances include: Comedy Central,”The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, “Lopez Tonight”, Showtime Network’s Special “Russell Peters Presents”, B.E.T’s “Comic View”, and “Comics Unleashed”, just to name a few. Ruben has toured extensively and collaborated with Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Cedric The Entertainer, and most recently Russell Peters on his record breaking “Notorious World Tour”. The “Notorious World Tour” gave him the opportunity to perform live for thousands of fans in sold out arenas, which helped Ruben broaden his own audience in the U.S. and Internationally.

Go to this link for more info and to make a donation:

Adam Gropman

Clive Aden

Christina Myers

Jake Bowman

Antonia Markie

Ted Lyde

Zombie Radio Show

Cat Show

Little Ethnic Girls

Steve Lamb

Go to this link for more info and to make a donation:

Our goal has always been to provide the best, most eclectic, entertaining and diverse programming anywhere, and with your help, we'll set a new standard and help bring the country -and the world (we're planning new shows from far-flung places like London and Australia among others!) - closer together through awesome entertainment.
Helping us is a great way to not only guarantee a steady supply of entertainment for yourself, but to help us with our dreams of making the world a better place through great entertainment!

What We Need & What You Get

We're hoping to raise $5,000 in order to have a solid financial base that will cover a good portion of our new lease, as well as a great video-camera system, our web and real-world promotions, our terrific site, and basics like chairs. Any amount will help us out, so even if we fall short, we will be applying the funds directly to the station and its offices and web presence.
Go to this link for more info and to make a donation:

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can't contribute financially, you can help if you're in the Los Angeles area as a volunteer in our office and promotional efforts. Write me at to find out how!
And whether you can contribute or not, could you please take a moment to share this campaign with your friends, family and especially those who might be willing to invest in us? Even posting on your facebook wall, tweeting a link to our campaign or sending emails out would be an incredible help!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Michael Rooker on Kozversations

MICHAEL ROOKER- Topping the insanity of the Henry Rollins interview, Hollywood’s most badass character actor – who’s played everyone from serial killer Henry in “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” to zombie killer Merle on “The Walking Dead” – joins Koz for an hour of hilarious commentary about Koz’s poor choice of theme music, what drives the insane popularity of “Walking Dead,” a hand-pounding discourse defending the right to own guns, and much more.

Henry Rollins on Kozversations

HENRY ROLLINS- Even Koz himself can’t believe this epic interview with one of the most interesting people on the planet happened, but it did. Add in the fact that he got Henry to reveal the profound influence that Ted Nugent and Bill Cosby have had on his career, as well as his thoughts on gay marriage and drone attacks, and whether he gets lonely amid all his traveling, and you’ve got one hell of a learning experience, even for longtime fans. So sit back, grab a snack and relax  ’cause Henry Rollins loves to talk!


Everyone’s got SOMEONE in their life who’s brash and opinionated and maybe even funny. If you’re looking for a unique Christmas present that can help them vent their views to the world at large instead of at the holiday dinner table….If you’re looking for a gift that can give them a fun new hobby and possibly a whole new career…. If you just think it would be fun to help someone become  a star….
That’s right, give a loved one – or yourself! – a hot microphone and a worldwide audience on the web for just $100 for a month of shows. That’s $25 a week to reach people anywhere on the planet! AND it’s 50 PERCENT OFF our regular rates of $50/show or $200/month, NOW THROUGH DEC. 24!!! (After the first four weeks of shows, the price is $200/month, which is still cheap – especially if you split it with cohosts!)
Just write head Titan CARL KOZLOWSKI at for more information!