Thursday, December 26, 2013

Help Support on

I'm so proud, thankful and excited about this! 
For anyone who knows me, you'll understand that this - is the one thing in life I've been most passionate about ever, and in July when I needed to take a step back from it nothing was more heartbreaking.
But with amazing new partners and friends who have helped me in so many ways to make Radio Titans come back bigger and better than before when we relaunch in January, I am thankful to God and all my friends and truly blessed. 
Please take a moment to check out this campaign and please help us come back super strong. We want to make an impact on the worlds of comedy and politics (we've got an amazing plan to shake up politics positively from every party and end of the spectrum), and we are doing it without mega-corporate backing like some of our competitors have. This is our a
ttempt at the American Dream of doing something fun and positive for the world! Please help at whatever level you can!

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