Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's Be Treasonable on #RadioTitans

LET'S BE TREASONABLE: Our fearless team of LA-based progressive comics, writers and lifetime activists - Jim Coughlin, Dr. David Robinson, Erika Schickel and Ernie Powell - (plus one Very Embarrassed Republican, Carl Kozlowski) team up for their funny and pointed reports from the LA Women's March, their thoughts on the march and on the inauguration, while Erika serves up a Nasty Woman's POV rant and Jim closes us out with his weekly take on life in The Bubble! PLUS five-time Emmy-nominated progressive comedy legend Will Durst with his weekly rant, the Burst of Durst! If you'd rather laugh than cry your way through while raising hell for the next four years, tune in and have a listen!

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