Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday at 1pm on The Cat Show.

Monday at 1pm on
The Cat Show.
We met at Lorain County Community College, located in beautiful Elyria, Ohio in 2005. We were asked to create a funny and engaging video for “Refworks”, a program that formats bibliographies for students. We created our first sketch character Super Stud, (who will later evolve into everyone’s favorite superhero that runs on the Android OS) but the powers that be felt the sketch was “too much” and refused to air it. Both finding the situation laughable, we’ve been writing partners ever since.
Likes: long walks on the beach, Psych, comic books, The Mars Volta, donkey punching, comedy, comic books, canoodling with vagrants, vintage t-shirts from Gadzooks, JNCO jeans, ICP (J.B. Bobo only), the work of Gaspar NoƩ, irate cancer patients, planning for the zombie apocalypse, Peppermint Schnapps, the Oxford comma, Tim Roth, the occassional brawl, The Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, and Johnny Quest. Oh, one more thing: comic books.
We are zombie killing experts with a plan on what to do in the event of the coming apocalypse. Band with us!*

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