Thursday, August 14, 2014

Left of Wrong. Thursdays at 8pm.

Left of Wrong. Thursdays at 8pm. Standup comedians Jim Coughlin and Randy Harken got to know each other as they went door-to-door in Las Vegas–turning Nevada blue for Obama in 2008. They did it again in 2012 and hope to do so in 2016. In the meantime, they’re moving to podcasting, in the hopes that unlike canvassing, more than one person will listen to them at a time and there will be fewer rabid dogs. Sit back, plug in your earbuds and listen each Thursday as Randy and Jim review the week in politics, making some kind of nonsense out of the nonsense of politics. They will do their best to de-befuddle and un-befuddle the weekly political befuddlement. Jim and Randy have been called everything from Comrades, Socialists, Reds, Pinkos, Commies and Marxists, but they’re really just slightly LEFT OF WRONG.

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