Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's Me God on #RadioTitans

Time to March on! Our orders have been received from God---"Turn Back and Come Follow Me!" But who is this ME? Today, host Elizabeth Thomas and her sidekick Carl Kozlowski are taking a closer look at just what this call to service means and how do we do follow this Me.

#Letsbetreasonable on #RadioTitans

TRUMP AGAINST THE WORLD (Always Bet On The World!)
While Rachel Maddow's "big reveal" wasn't that big or revealing, Tymon Shipp, Jim Coughlin, and Dr. David Robinson talk about how the Fake President did a good job kicking his own ass with his horribly flawed budget, an even worse health care plan, his constant whining about a wiretapping scandal that never actually happened, and by being the horrible person we all know him to be. All that and a 'Burst of Durst' from five-time Emmy nominee (and birthday boy!) Will Durst... it's your weekly dose of newsy infotainment!
DOWNLOAD: http://api.spreaker.com/…/1142…/031817_letsbetreasonable.mp3

Timothy B Schmit from #Eagles on #RadioTitans

Timothy B Schmit was a key figure in one of the biggest rock bands of all time, #Eagles. Hear this #Kozversation where he discusses his amazing life!


#BarneStormingPriscillaBarnes with guest #PerryKing on #RadioTitans

Priscilla Barnes follows up her epic "Three's Company" reunion episode with another fantastic interview, this time with Perry King of "Riptide" fame! But just like Priscilla has numerous claims to fame beyond knocking on doors on that beloved sitcom, Perry himself has amazing tales to tell from throughout his colorful career including a shocking tale of working with legendary director Blake Edwards, what it was like working on the notorious film "Mandingo," getting pressured to do nude scenes, being in the groundbreaking way ahead of its time gay-themed movie "A Different Story," and even a turn in one of Andy Warhol's ultra-cult classics, "Bad"! Priscilla keeps it funny and fascinating as always, so tune in for a fantastic listen!

The Dog Training Show on #RadioTitans

It's been waaaaay too long, but America's funniest, feistiest dog trainer - Tanya F. Yarbrough - returns with another episode of "That Dog Training Show"! Tune in for great tips and good laughs! bit.ly/2nYRnGs

Friday, March 10, 2017


For seven seasons and nearly 200 episodes, “Three’s Company” proved to be one of the funniest sitcoms of all time. Still loved around the world by comedy fans, the reruns continue to air constantly on the Antenna cable TV network – which is showing a tribute marathon this Saturday to celebrate the series’ 40th anniversary.
As part of that marathon, four of the key members of the “Three’s Company” cast – Priscilla Barnes, who played Terri; Joyce Dewitt, who played Janet; Richard Kline, who played Larry; and Jenilee Harrison, who played Cindy – reunited for a TV special that will air along with the Antenna marathon. But then they headed over to the Radio Titans podcast studio in Los Angeles to tell even wilder stories in a totally uncensored and hilarious episode of Barnes’ new podcast series “BarneStorming with Priscilla Barnes.”

Fans who want to get the real scoop on what went on behind the scenes of the legendary sitcom in uncut glory can tune in to hear their wildest anecdotes, including favorite tales of major bloopers and practical jokes, as well as surprising real stories from their offstage lives. Adding to the unique spirit of the show is the fact that the Titans studio is located in the famous Gaylord Apartments, meaning that the “Three’s “ gang came and knocked on the door of an apartment to share tales about the most famous show ever made about apartment-living shenanigans!

That’s a fact that Barnes makes fun of weekly as she engages in humorously revealing conversations with her friends from across showbiz. Her first three episodes have included fascinating stories from writer/actor Shawn Schepps (writer of the hit movies “Drumline” and “Encino Man”), cult-fave director Fred Olen Ray, and legendary rock-album designer John Kosh, who’s worked with everyone from the Beatles to U2.
But in this very special new fourth episode (bit.ly/2mMMBim), Priscilla offers a fun-filled ride through stories including:

“Three’s Company”’s craziest bloopers and practical jokes, including the time John Ritter caused an explosively funny reaction when he scared everyone on set by popping out of a prop coffin.

The cast’s frequent clashes with the producers they wound up dubbing “The Three Stooges.”

How Joyce believes that her beloved late costar John Ritter still communicates with her from the afterlife at significant life moments through mysteriously appearing pennies.

Jenilee’s fascinating story of going on a couple of dates with controversial actor Robert Blake, then calling it off when she saw some red flags years before he was charged (and ultimately acquitted) with the murder of his eventual wife.

How Jenilee went from being completely unrecognized by the show’s set and studio team on her first day on the job to enjoying the perks of success, as well as her funny first time meeting Joyce DeWitt.
Fast-paced and funny, “BarneStorming” offers great conversations with some of the most interesting people in showbiz.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Timothy B. Schmit from the Eagles on #Kozversation on #RadioTitans

Timothy B Schmit was a key figure in one of the biggest rock bands of all time, #Eagles. Hear this #Kozversation where he discusses his amazing life! 


It's Me God on #RadioTitans

Everybody can say truthfully---I HATE THIS or That or Her or Him or YOU. Today---we are seeing more and more the end result of a society who hates and let their discontent take control. Are we ready for what will happen when Hate rules?
#ElizabethThomas and her sidekick #CarlKozlowski explore these questions that affect us all, with this week's special song by Hillsong: "Shine Jesus Shine."

#BarneStorming with Priscilla Barnes on #RadioTitans

Priscilla Barnes has a new Podcast called #BarneStormingPriscillaBarnes. Have you downloaded this interview with #PriscillaBarnes and #ShawnSchepps ? Priscilla talks with one of her best friends, writer/producer and former actress Shawn Schepps, who has not only had a hand in writing such beloved hit movies as "Encino Man" and "Drumline," but is also a master at creating TV pilots also was an accomplished actor in everything from "The Terminator" and "Racing With the Moon" to the hit Showtime series "Weeds." She and Priscilla have a fun and freewheeling discussion that includes interesting insights into "Terminator" creator James Cameron, a very funny story about Nick Cannon, and a great story about her "Racing" costar Sean Penn. Plus, great tips on making it as a writer in Hollywood! http://radiotitans.com/Barnestorming/mainmenu.html#
and then go to https://lnkd.in/ehKsdjq
to learn more about Priscilla's career in TV and Movies