Tuesday, March 21, 2017

#BarneStormingPriscillaBarnes with guest #PerryKing on #RadioTitans

Priscilla Barnes follows up her epic "Three's Company" reunion episode with another fantastic interview, this time with Perry King of "Riptide" fame! But just like Priscilla has numerous claims to fame beyond knocking on doors on that beloved sitcom, Perry himself has amazing tales to tell from throughout his colorful career including a shocking tale of working with legendary director Blake Edwards, what it was like working on the notorious film "Mandingo," getting pressured to do nude scenes, being in the groundbreaking way ahead of its time gay-themed movie "A Different Story," and even a turn in one of Andy Warhol's ultra-cult classics, "Bad"! Priscilla keeps it funny and fascinating as always, so tune in for a fantastic listen!

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