Monday, May 15, 2017

New Epsidoe of Let's Be Treasonable on #RadioTitans

Let's Be Treasonable - COMEY DON'T PLAY THAT

With the firing of the man who was leading the investigation into his collusion with Russia, Trump takes a giant leap towards dictatorship, but with a Republican Congress backing him up possible repercussions don't seem to be within the realm of possibility. If impeachment is just a pipe dream, can the Democrats pull their act together in time for the midterms? Will America last until the midterms? Your panel of cognitive dissidents; Jim Coughlin, Erika Schickel, special guest Mark Netter, and your host Dr. David Robinson attempt to answer these questions and more! Take all that and a 'Burst of Durst' from five-time Emmy nominee Will Durst, and you've got yourself a week's worth of newsy infotainment!

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