Monday, October 24, 2016

Grown-Ass Men on #RadioTitans

With the election just over two weeks away, everyone's sick of hearing about Trump and Hillary. So how about hearing about some other far more fascinating, fringier candidates for president?
Tune in right here for the latest episode of "Grown-Ass Men," featuring our guest, author #CraigTomashoff of "The Can't-Idates" about 14 of the fringiest people running for president this season! Hosts #CarlKozlowski, #ChristinaMyersHepburn and #EdGalvez had a blast looking at the election in a whole new way, after an opening segment that was one of our most outrageous and NSFW segments ever (about new scientific injections for testicles and the impending wave of sex robots - don't judge, Koz found these on Drudge! But NSFW you've been warned! Tune in around the 10 minute mark if you're easily offended, and hear a fascinating interview!

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