Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Grown-Ass Men on #RadiotTitans

We celebrated the 100th episode of "Grown-Ass Men" with a really great hour or so of hilarious talk on the usual outrageous topics plus some deeper stuff, with hosts ‪#‎CarlKozlowski‬‪#‎ChristinaMyersHepburn‬,‪#‎EdGalvez‬, guest host ‪#‎SinaAmedson‬, and special guests ‪#‎BillChott‬ and‪#‎LeahKnauer‬! Got busy with Politicon and forgot to post this. but it's funny as hell so check it out! Taking July off and might have huge news about our return in August! Only on ‪#‎RadioTitans‬

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